Youth ministry resources” is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot. But if you are a new student pastor that phrase may not mean that much to you. Do you know what they are? Do you know where to look? This can be a tough journey when you are starting from scratch. I definitely know it was for me. But over the years I have learned a lot and I hope that by sharing some of the things that I have learned this journey will not be as difficult for you. I want you to start out ahead of the game, so that you can focus on the things that really matter and make you successful in ministry.

Basically, when we say the words “youth ministry resources” we are talking about the materials you use as a student pastor. These range from games and sermons all the way to administrative forms. See, it is not so bad. The thing is you have to decide what works for you, and what your needs are. For example, the games you play will be affected by the personalities of your students and the size of your group. The administrative materials, sign in sheets, parent contact forms, etc. will depend on how much help you have and what was left by your predecessor (if you had one). Because of this need for flexibility, I highly suggest you get your youth ministry resources online. Maybe find a website that offers a subscription service. These usually update often so it helps with the flexibility we talked about and the changing needs of your group. Plus they will usually offer the wide variety of materials needed to be successful. Not to mention the time saver of one stop shopping and never having to leave the office. The last benefit becomes the digital download. You can save everything. Which brings me to my last word of advice when it comes to youth ministry resources.

Keep everything. You never know when something might come back in style. You never know when something that did not work the first time may work with another group.

I know these ideas are fairly simple, but you would not believe how it helped me once I discovered these ideas. I hope they help you too.

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