Nike Plus is a product that I just recently discovered and have come to truly appreciate and even rely on during mu daily runs or walks. The Nike Plus is a chip that can be placed in the sole of most Nike shoes or attached to the shoe laces of any shoes that are not Nike brand. The chip is registered and connected to either a watch or program that can be downloaded onto your personal iPod, iPhone or iTouch. 

Before using the Nike Plus, it is important to calibrate your chip to your walking and running strides. Although the chip is suppose to be 90% accurate right out of the box, I believe it is far less and should not be used unless calibrated first. You can calibrate your chip by walking and running a known distance, this is best done on a track for accuracy, and then recording it through the Nike Plus program that is downloaded by plugging the watches face into your computer’s USB.

Once your chip is calibrated, the Nike Plus can be used during all of your daily runs and walks to keep the time, distance, calories burned, mile pace and much more. I really like using the watch because it is easy to read while running and is not at all distracting but even motivating. After each run you are able to plus the watch’s removable face into your computer’s USB and upload your runs or walks to then stores all of your runs to your account along with giving you information and statistics about your activity throughout the day, week, month and so on.

By purchasing the Nike Plus chip and watch you are able to keep track of your runs through Nike which can create quite a sense of accomplishment and motivation to keep going. The program also offers milestones and depending on how many miles you have run total with the program, Nike will rate to as a yellow through black runner, the more miles you runner the close you get to being a black runner. Not only can you record your runs with Nike Plus but you can also communicate with other athletes, set up running groups through, share workout tips and much more. For anyone who is semi-serious about running or just enjoys keeping a record of their accomplishments, I would highly recommend the Nike Plus.

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