I’ve been blogging for some time now, but I still find myself trying to make time for blogging and reading blogs. Reading blogs is super important because that is how you are able to stay updated with the blogging community, as well as meet some awesome bloggers. I began reading blogs way before I actually got the nerve to start blogging, so it’s a shame that now, most people are so engulfed in their own blogs, that they do not have the time to enjoy the blogs that got them into the social media scene in the first place.

Here are some awesome tips that I use to not only find that extra time to blog, but to also catch up with my favorite blogs.

Wake Up Early/Go To Bed Late https://www.aclassblogs.com/
This one you’ll see everywhere. Why? Because it works. Whether you are an early riser or a night owl, waking up 30 minutes earlier to write a blog post, or going to bed 30 minutes later to catch up with your favorite bloggers is all it takes to stay up to date and find extra time.

I am against multi-tasking to the effect where you are juggling 50 things at once, but if you want to find more time to blog, try blogging while you wait for the laundry to be done, in between classes, or while on hold with the pharmacy. Take advantage of those times where you find yourself sitting or standing there stagnant for some time.

Use a Reader App
On my Mac and using Google Chrome, you can download and have easy access to your Google Reader. After writing a blog post, I click open my Google Reader and see what my favorite bloggers have written since I am already at the computer. Using these apps gives me easier access to my reader and makes it easy to click in and out without taking up too much time.

Improving Your Typing Skills
Want to find time to blog? Try blogging faster. Remember back in grade school when you would take computer classes and practice typing? It’s the same concept. Improve your typing skills, memorize the letter placement on the keyboard, and see how fast and accurate you can type. The faster you can type (and edit) the more time you have to blog, and read blogs.

Don’t Put The Pressure On
Do not remind yourself when you have to blog. Keep a little note pad (or Smartphone) handy to jot down ideas for blog posts. When you feel like it, write on your blog and hit publish. Write 2 or 3 blogs posts if you have the inspiration. Then, leave it alone. It’s proven that when you put the pressure on yourself to get something done, you’ll dread it, or do it horribly. If you blog, only when you feel like it, you’ll produce more, allowing you to make more time available.


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