In one of my seminars, a participant came up to me after the seminar ended.

With so excited he greeted me and said: “Coach Sugeng, I am very excited and motivated after attending this seminar. I have a five hundred million rupiah savings for my initial venture capital. What can I do with it? What business opportunity currently has a good chance for the future? “ https://rupiah138.xn--6frz82g/

I asked him: “Do you already have a plan?”
Ideas and business opportunities are easy, we can find millions of great ideas and opportunity. Ideas and business opportunities are everywhere. Since we wake up in the morning, doing our activities, until we go back to bed, we always face, see, hear, feel, and use the results of the realization of business ideas that would make other people much richer.

We brush our teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste, have a bath, drinking coffee, have our breakfast, and so on, all of this activities makes other people, the manufacturers, distributors even become much richer everyday. However, the first thing to realize is, either an investment or running a business is like making a travel plan. It means we as a prospective business owner, must be absolutely clear in advance about the purpose of the business, where the business is going, and how’s our current condition.

A Power of Clarity:
At my workshop, I often asked to the participants: “According to you, how long will it take for our trip to the city of Bandung?” (Bandung is a famous and very beautiful town in the mountain in my country)

One of the participants answered “Approximately three hours.”

The others immediately replied “Could be sir.”

Another participant added: “Depending, we are going to use a car or by plane.”

And the answer becomes more varied and diverse. All these answers are correct in my opinion. The most important additional questions should we ask first before you can answer the above question more accurately is “Where do we start our journey?” All plans, strategies, travel, travel routes will depend on our “Starting Point”.

Do we have to use a car or a plane?

Do we have to pass the highway or the main road?

Likewise, in starting a business. Knowing where our business is going, how much revenue is desired, the desired profit, the characteristic of ideal customer, where its location, and what our goals ahead will be very important to set the vision and mission of our business more clearly. However, identifying our “Starting Point”, is the one of the “IMPORTANT” thing that should not be forgotten.

Preparation and implementation of all plans, strategies, which path will be taken, what kind of business we should do, what skills should we learn, how much time we need, will heavily depend on these two points: “Your Vision and Your Starting Point”!

Identify Our “Starting Point”:
Knowing the starting point where we are, will make us much more effective in making plans and step in building our business and to our business success. Due to the existence of a plan, we will have a better ability to see the gaps and challenges, should we face in our business travel process. Clarity is very important that we should have, because it will help our thought process in determining the precautions and actions even when solving these problems or challenges arise and eventually we must face. And its increase our effectiveness!

Effectiveness will be one of the important factor in our business because in our life we always raced against the greatest asset of the universe that we can never have, which is “TIME”.

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